Who Wishes All the Best to Poles?

Our project of display and voting for wishes which we received via the Internet has ended. We have proven wrong a myth that Polish people do not know how to show simple everyday hospitality towards one another. We received hundreds of great, funny and very original short films. Popular and admired persons also joined: Tomasz Kammel, Ewa Wachowicz, Weekend music band, Marek Grabie, Łukasz Jakóbiak. To you and ALL of those who sent their films we give thanks for great wishes to Poles in 2013!

We would also like to thank our media partners: Onet, Digart, Radio Egida for incredibly professional and full of real engagement help. Thanks to your work millions of Poles have watched slogans and information on our project, and ten thousands followed and acquired the wishes.


Technology has not disappointed us. Distribution and video recording virtually via all devices and systems that can be connected to the network is not easy. This project has distinctly shown that you cannot even mention the Internet without including the basic role played by mobile devices. We gathered a very precious experience. We plan to use this unique knowledge during work for our clients.


Majority of your votes went to Paweł for wishes in a Gangnam style. Congratulations for winning the prize, but also for bravery because it was among the first films that were sent to us!


It is difficult to display all the wishes… we upload a short film with chosen parts. We had to make a choice on something and so we upload only 10 minute long film! For you to watch until the end. It is only 10 minutes meaning a MOMENT. But the wishes are GRAND :))) We encourage you to watch it.

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