Outsourcing of IT specialists

Outsourcing kadry IT BPO Qumak

Outsourcing – most flexible form of acquiring competencies to IT projects

Using outsourcing enables an effective management of budget, number of team members, mitigates risk in terms of operations, lowers costs of recruitment, staff service and HR, as well as effectively solves problems arising from the rotation of staff.


We acquired over 500 specialists for the biggest companies operating in Poland.


Qumak, as a company of a design profile, is a solid partner for our clients as well as for engineers. This allows us to maintain a high motivation and the lowest in the sector staff rotation on the market conditions of employment.


We ensure a full cross-section of competencies (project managers, architects, analysts, programmers, testers, support engineers) in various models of co-operation.




Outsourcing specjalistów IT BPO Team leasing Qumak

Among provided services we can enumerate:

  • Body Leasing – delivering for the needs of a project consultants or teams of designers of appropriate competences.
  • External Employment – taking over client’s employees or associates to provide them with human resources, logistics, legal, and administrative supplier’s care.
  • Recruitment – conducting a process of acquiring highly qualified employees of various specializations within the IT, directly to an end client.

Our services help to reduce costs and problems arising from personnel turnover.


We deliver specialists to perform tasks within the following scope:

  • business and system analysis,
  • audit and IT security,
  • administration of applications and systems,
  • technical support – help desk, service desk, direct support,
  • programming and designing IT solutions,
  • managing projects and projects’ support,
  • tests and software,
  • designing advanced IT architecture,
  • conducting trainings on IT,
  • applications integration,
  • IT implementations