Outsourcing of IT specialists

Outsourcing kadry IT BPO Qumak

Outsourcing – most flexible form of acquiring competencies to IT projects

Using outsourcing enables an effective management of budget, number of team members, mitigates risk in terms of operations, lowers costs of recruitment, staff service and HR, as well as effectively solves problems arising from the rotation of staff.


We acquired over 500 specialists for the biggest companies operating in Poland.


Qumak, as a company of a design profile, is a solid partner for our clients as well as for engineers. This allows us to maintain a high motivation and the lowest in the sector staff rotation on the market conditions of employment.


We ensure a full cross-section of competencies (project managers, architects, analysts, programmers, testers, support engineers) in various models of co-operation.


Recruitment process


We conduct recruitment processes comprehensively and on the highest level. We advise our client during selecting qualified employees, and thanks to rich experience in the IT area, we can reach even to a small group of experts having rare competences.


  1. We start our works with analysis of client’s needs.
  2. After establishing expectations we build a map of competences of future employees.
  3. Next we select a group of candidates for every position.
    We will conduct specialized tests among persons in particular groups, which verify holding appropriate qualifications.
  4. We send CV of selected candidates to a client and acquired consultants to provide services will be provided with legal, logistics, human resources, and administrative care.
    We are also responsible for conducting required by law trainings, as well as preliminary and periodic health examinations.


After the selection of candidates and fulfilling all formal requirements, we hand over to the client a group of specialists ready to provide services defined previously.