Outsourcing of IT specialists

Outsourcing kadry IT BPO Qumak

Outsourcing – most flexible form of acquiring competencies to IT projects

Using outsourcing enables an effective management of budget, number of team members, mitigates risk in terms of operations, lowers costs of recruitment, staff service and HR, as well as effectively solves problems arising from the rotation of staff.


We acquired over 500 specialists for the biggest companies operating in Poland.


Qumak, as a company of a design profile, is a solid partner for our clients as well as for engineers. This allows us to maintain a high motivation and the lowest in the sector staff rotation on the market conditions of employment.


We ensure a full cross-section of competencies (project managers, architects, analysts, programmers, testers, support engineers) in various models of co-operation.


Outsourcing IT specialists for largest organizations in Poland

We have executed projects for largest companies in the country, mainly from the telecoms, insurance and energy sectors. We provide qualified specialists to support the development of our clients’ operations and take part in their selected projects. Our services help reduce costs and resolve issues related to staff turnover.

In total, we have recruited nearly 500 specialists for largest enterprises firm operating in Poland. The main areas of expertise in which we provide qualified personnel are: infrastructure and application maintenance, software development, project management, analytical areas and user support.


The consultants we provide are highly competent in telecoms and IT technologies, such as programming in most desirable languages, database administration, network management and maintenance, project coordination and management, business and system analysis or designing IT environments.


We provide our clients with specialists who have precisely defined competences to support their projects at key junctions. We are open to ambitious challenges in the field of body leasing, team leasing, external employment, specialist recruitment, as well as fixed price projects.