Multimedia Exhibition Centers

Ekspozycje multimedialne muzea i Centra Nauki QumakConcepts of multimedia exhibitions

Multimedia exhibitions are an area offering modern display and multimedia solutions. These are located in futuristic facilities as well as in adapted spaces coming straight from the industrial era. They enable realizing educational scenarios while taking a rest and having fun.



We realized the biggest multimedia exhibitions in the country, e.g. a prestigious project for the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk where within the area of over 3 thousand sq. meters there are 1 600 objects.


Multimedia exhibitions are more and more often used by companies and corporations. They apply them as a tool to build their brand and engage in a dialogue with consumers.


Applying interactive displays


Another area of using multimedia exhibitions are airports, railway stations, stadiums, and shopping malls, where we can see more often interactive large format and mapping displays, stands for play for children equipped with kinetic sensors, multimedia stands for presentation and information, interactive posters, hot-spots. Provided for the use of the visitors they raise attractiveness of what the place has to offer and is an evidence of a high standard of customer care.




Ekspozycje multimedialne Centra Nauki Qumak

We offer sets of services for companies and institutions of public sector that use modern exposition techniques.


We work in a system “design and build”. We provide services of conceptual, designing, production, implementation, as well as maintenance and development of exposition. We perform comprehensively multimedia projects including among others: designing and production of films, games, animations, production of e-Content, creating mobile applications, designing path of visiting, e-learning, Digital Signage systems.


Our solutions include: tools, systems of management and substantive content. We also help to arrange exhibition interiors, creating constructions, buildings, furniture and cabinets.


Comprehensive implementation of multimedia exhibition covers:

Identification of needs


  • preliminary concept,
  • feasibility study,
  • strategy for development.


Exhibition concept


  • communication,
  • mission,
  • operation aims,
  • didactic aims,
  • exhibition scenario,
  • technologies (exhibition and systems),
  • multimedia parameters.


Exhibition project


Substantive guidelines:


  • principle of exhibit operation,
  • content scenario,
  • functionality of software,
  • used technologies,
  • devices and key components.


Design guidelines:


  • drawing documentation (plans, cross-sections),
  • list of materials,
  • special requirements,
  • visual identification.


Guidelines concerning multimedia content:


  • technology of content performing,
  • technology of content sharing,
  • quality of performed content.


Realization of exhibition


  • production of exhibits,
  • production of multimedia content,
  • production of elements and arrangement solutions,
  • comprehensive project management,
  • quality control,
  • launching exhibits,
  • systems integration,
  • interior arrangement,
  • documentation,
  • trainings.


Service of exhibits and systems


  • repair of devices,
  • diagnostics,
  • inventory of telecommunication infrastructure,
  • modernization of systems under service,
  • maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure,
  • software update,
  • Service Desk & Help Desk.


Development of exposition


  • measuring attractiveness,
  • content update,
  • development of systems,
  • building loyalty of visitors,
  • strategy of marketing communication.