Multimedia Exhibition Centers

Ekspozycje multimedialne muzea i Centra Nauki QumakConcepts of multimedia exhibitions

Multimedia exhibitions are an area offering modern display and multimedia solutions. These are located in futuristic facilities as well as in adapted spaces coming straight from the industrial era. They enable realizing educational scenarios while taking a rest and having fun.



We realized the biggest multimedia exhibitions in the country, e.g. a prestigious project for the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk where within the area of over 3 thousand sq. meters there are 1 600 objects.


Multimedia exhibitions are more and more often used by companies and corporations. They apply them as a tool to build their brand and engage in a dialogue with consumers.


Applying interactive displays


Another area of using multimedia exhibitions are airports, railway stations, stadiums, and shopping malls, where we can see more often interactive large format and mapping displays, stands for play for children equipped with kinetic sensors, multimedia stands for presentation and information, interactive posters, hot-spots. Provided for the use of the visitors they raise attractiveness of what the place has to offer and is an evidence of a high standard of customer care.


Park Rekreacji ZOOM Natury in Janów Lubelski – project under performance

In a consortium with a company designing scenery we perform for municipality of Janów Lubelski an educational center, which will be one of the biggest touristic attraction of the region. Park Rekreacji ZOOM Natury will make it possible to get to know the nature in an active way: through playing, experiencing and experimenting.

Architecture of the complex was designed in a form of several pavilions adapted for small laboratories, which in an interactive way „zoom” various matters on the area of ecology and environmental protection. There will be many attractions waiting for visitors: swings made of plants’ roots, multimedia exhibitions on nature of the history of the earth, aquarium, terrarium and display room in 5D system. In addition in the park there will be available a swimming pool, a hippodrome and a rope park.


Within the frames of the project we deliver among others computer hardware with software, Audio/Video devices with interactive equipment, monitoring system. We also work on and deliver content for selected exhibitions, among others: ant farm, terrarium or aquarium.