Desktop Management Services

DMS Outsourcing IT Maintenance QumakWe provide service to IT environment of companies and institutions

Improvements of an organization within the scope of IT have beneficial effects on the economic ratios of every company.


We have several dozens of service points in the whole Poland and own warehouses of replacement devices with a broad range of IT equipment.


Service Desk, client direct support, maintenance of hardware, servers and active devices, are means to ensuring continuity of IT infrastructure operation, cost reduction of enterprises functioning, mitigating risk at simultaneous increasing of security, and optimization of processes.


We offer maintenance service that is adjusted to individual needs of our clients within the scope of warranty and post-warranty service of devices, with warehouse of replacement devices allowing meeting the most demanding provisions of SLA.




  • Field Support

Solution aiming at delivering qualified IT specialists to support selected client’s project. Before starting the works there is performed a project analysis, setting schedule and plan of optimizing the activities. This solution is used usually at installation, service and repair works of systems or devices. Can be run simultaneously in various locations in the country – an appropriate group of specialists, which is working on particular problem, is directed to selected location to restore full functionality.


  • Helpdesk

Comprehensive service covers recruiting Call Center employees, providing their trainings and preparing appropriate facility, implementing IT and telecommunication infrastructure. Monitoring of helpdesk’s efficiency is complementing the implementation, it is taking care of the high ratio of solved problems and service implemented technological solutions.

A special feature of this type of projects is ability to create a dedicated solution and recruiting a group of consultants for particular client’s needs.


  • Roll-out

Roll-out is simply a process of exchanging current resources for new ones. Exchange can involve: devices (for example office equipment, computers), technology (for example communication antennas), or applications in connection with the previous ones (operating system, office, dedicated). During performing projects of such type there must be taken into consideration local legal, business, language, or environmental requirements. Implementations are a result of the need for standardization of processes and functions within the organization, improving processes, decreasing costs of systems maintenance and administration.


  • Migration

Migration is a support during introducing new technological solutions, but also carrying out this change. Migration is an indispensable element of introducing new systems, applications or in general standards concerning them in particular organization. It means changing data or IT systems from the old version of a program to a new one and enabling fluent, coherent and improved data transfer. Migration solution eliminates problems related to implementation for example new versions of teleinformatics systems or whole IT structure, because these activities are preceded by analysis of environments performed at the preparations stage. Migration guarantees saving all precious data of a company and provides fluent change of teleinformatics systems.


  • IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is modern business tool, allowing temporarily enlarge an IT team by additional experts. This operation allows for a temporary or permanent “release” of Client’s resources to transfer them to perform other tasks or reduce already held resources. Recruitment team takes care of the process of acquiring appropriate candidates from the market who will be employed at the client’s project. Specialists will remain on the payroll of supplier but the service is provided in location of companies in need of new staff members.


  • Dedicated IT solutions

Dedicated IT solutions are individually set solutions adjusted to current client’s needs. The implementation is preceded by analysis of needs and setting project’s aims by a client. Supplier provides appropriate team of specialists, which will design, implement and ensure service of performed project.