Smart City

Smart City

Is a comprehensive solution improving the quality of life in the cities thanks to facilitating traffic, limiting the use of energy, and enhancing safety of citizens.


cudzyslowWe realized ITS in the Tricity (TRISTAR) and a Traffic Management System in Lublin. In total it involves over 220 intersections serviced by an IT system of traffic management.


Cities that are managed in a modern way use ICT technologies in order to enhance the efficiency of urban infrastructure and to provide e-communication with citizens. One of the most important elements of intelligent cities are traffic management systems (ITS, Intelligent Transportation System).


ITS – Intelligent Transportation System

This is a solution that improves the effectiveness of traffic, limits communication nuisance, increasing safety of traffic participants, and decreasing emissions of harmful pollution to the environment.


Covers infrastructure, vehicles and their users. Serves as means to manage traffic, manage mobility, collect fees, provide information, as well as can work together with similar systems applied in other types of transport, e.g. rail transport.


Traffic Management System in Lublin

We were in charge of the integration and calibration of the system which covers 69 crossroads in the city and the operation of a traffic control centre.

Intelligent Transportation System in Lublin

Qumak implemented ITS system in the capital city of the Lubelskie Region. In the traffic control centre, there is a huge wall composed of 12 monitors, on which operators can see what is happening on the city crossroads right now and they can react immediately. Data in the control centre is collected from 303 video cameras.


We were also responsible for launching traffic informations system. It includes 10 Variable Message Signs, that shows e.g. information about road accidents .


The design aspect, i.e. work related to traffic engineering, preparation of databases and individual systemic modules, was delivered by Qumak’s subsidiary Star ITS which employs qualified traffic engineers, analysts and IT experts originating from Qumak.