Software development

Dedicated IT solutions

Modern IT market expects minimizing costs, shortening delivery time, and adjusting developed systems to the needs of an organization. A response to these expectations is developing in co-operation with a client dedicated integrated solutions based on our own software and Open Source solutions.



We develop unique solutions in the area of advanced technologies. From our systems there is required a constant service to even 10 000 users logged in at the same time.


We provide a comprehensive realization of integrated IT systems from the stage of gathering requirements and preparing a design to the realization and maintenance. The choice of architecture and programming tools takes place after a detailed analysis of needs that are placed towards the system.


Close co-operation with an ordering party on every stage allows introduction of changes in the system on an ongoing basis, minimizing their impact on the time and costs of the implementations. The offer covers also audit, refactoring, and undertaking maintenance of already existing solutions. During the performance of projects there are used the most modern methodologies of their leading and programming engineering.






Wyrozniki Software Development Qumak

Comprehensive offer within the frames of dedicated IT systems covers:

  • Developing and integrating multilayer and dispersed IT systems in the architecture based on services (SOA)
  • Process systems (BPM)
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Dedicated telecommunication systems for mobile and fixed network
  • Map systems GIS
  • Systems of monitoring and management
  • Systems to central management of chain stores and sales service


Portfolio of projects includes dozen of own applications and service of many applications undertaken within the scope of projects for public administration, as well as clients from the telecommunication and commercial sectors. These solutions are offered as independent products as well as elements of comprehensive IT solutions.