Data Center

Data Center – Data Processing Center

Data Center is a modern technological center consisting of a server room and several devices supporting its functioning. It serves as means to store and process information as well as to provide the data with a secured IT environment.



We have realized the biggest and the most innovative server rooms in the country. In total they include more than 50 facilities of a server room area over 11 000 sq. meters.


Constructing Data Center

We realize Data Center facilities leading all design and execution works: architecture and construction adjusted to the needs of an IT infrastructure, energy systems, and sanitation infrastructure together with precision air conditioning, ICT systems and IT devices.


These facilities are built mainly in the telecommunication, banking, financial sector, as well as per order from institutions from the public sector: governmental agencies, military institutions.




Data Center budowa i projektowanie Qumak

We realize Data Center facilities as a general contractor of a whole investment

We develop concepts, design, construct, equip with IT infrastructure, and provide maintenance; we perform stress tests of Data Center environment.


Comprehensive offer of Data Center implementation covers:

·       Systems for management of a server room (DCIM) and monitoring critical parameters (BMS)

·       Systems of precision air conditioning with free-cooling solutions

·       Systems of guaranteed power supply

·       Systems of fire security and systems of extinguishing

·       Systems of technical security

·       Systems of structural wiring



We conduct audits on the basis of standards UpTime Institute (TIER) through certified designers (Acreditate Tier Designers).