Business Continuity & Data Security

Reliability of systems and data protection

Solutions of Business Continuity & Data Security cover security and management systems as well as an efficient IT infrastructure.



Our solutions protect data and ensure uninterrupted availability of systems. We secure main resources of banks and public administration from hacker attacks.


Business Continuity

Covers among others physical infrastructure, operating systems, data bases, application servers, systems of management and monitoring, and concentrate on delivering high accessibility of services and business processes of a client. Enables fast recovery of production environment to its proper functioning.


Data Security

Involve ways to protect confidential information from access, modification, theft and their use by unauthorized persons. At present, when companies and institutions store business information and data of consumers, an effective protection from cyberattacks is particularly important.


Systems of management of air operations

Solutions for aviation include airport infrastructure and systems of support and management of airport terminals.


We performed works at the biggest airports in Poland, and a total value of the realized contracts exceeds PLN 350 million.


In the aviation infrastructure there is an area of technical support of airplanes during take offs and landings: lighting of airport runways and taxiways, power systems, tracking devices, airport traffic control towers, and a part designated for passenger service i.e. airport terminals.


Inside terminals there can be distinguished such technological solutions as passenger information systems (FIS/FIDS) or baggage systems (BHS).


Comprehensive performance of airfields for helicopters is included within the scope of aviation infrastructure.

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