Building Automation

Building automation automatyka budynkowa technologie inteligentnego budynku Qumak

BMS solutions – Building Management System

Building Automation covers modern integrated solutions facilitating the management of a facility, optimizing its maintenance costs, and guaranteeing a high level of security.



In our portfolio there are over 90 facilities in the country and abroad, many of them environment-friendly, holding the certificates BREEAM or LEED.


During the implementations there are applied energy efficient and environment-friendly solutions, thanks to which the constructed buildings are modern and at the same time organic. Building technologies remain in particular connection to BMS (Building Management System) enabling the management of a building that is highly advanced technologically.

Facility equipped with a set of devices, sensors and detectors can be controlled and supervised through a central system integrating all technological solutions existing in the building. Thanks to the information coming from various sources, a building equipped with BMS can react to changes in the environment inside and outside. This allows maximizing functionality, comfort and security at simultaneously minimized costs of use and limited pollution emissions.