Qumak will manage service desk of Grupa TP

Qumak_TPQumak will receive PLN 10 mln net per year within the frames of a contract for a comprehensive technical support service (service desk) provided for companies of a TP group. The contract was signed for an indefinite period of time.

Qumak S.A. won the tender of Telekomunikacja Polska for managing customers’ technical service of all companies of the Grupa TP. In accordance with the signed contract Qumak will be responsible for maintenance and modernization of workplaces, trainings and managing staff. Taking into consideration resources needed for realization this is the biggest project of this type in our region of Europe. Estimated number of inquiries to be dealt with from the customers of TP is 80 thousand per month.


– The contract confirms our strong position in this segment of the market. We estimate our part as around 25 percent, what puts us in a position of a leader. This is also one of the strategic areas of our activity, which we plan to actively develop – says Paweł Jaguś, President of Qumak S.A.


Currently Qumak provides service to technical support centers among others of such entities as: Polska Grupa Energetyczna, PZU, PKN Orlen or PKO BP.


– We are on an advanced level of dialogues with few potential clients interested in the same type of services. It is not ruled out that soon we are going to sign a contract with another company from the telecommunication area – announces Paweł Jaguś.

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