Qumak will deliver hardware to over 50 units of public administration

Dostawa sprzętu IT dla COAR

Two-year contract for delivering IT hardware

The signed contract regards deliveries of hardware to 50 units of public administration. It will cover 6200 desk computers, 4300 monitors and 2700 laptops. Orders will take place during the period of 24 months.

The contract was made with five contractors to which the ordering party will send in an electronic version detailed requests for delivering hardware. Qumak S.A. signed a frame contract in a consortium with Computex sp. z o. o., which is its leader.



Form of a framework contract to which detailed requests will be sent in an electronic version shortens the time of realization of deliveries of IT hardware which is beneficial for both, the ordering party and contractors



– We are glad that we are among the companies, to which such an important institution places orders for delivering basic daily work tool to governmental administration. Signed framework contract shortens the time of realization of orders, which is beneficial for both, the ordering party and contractors; and the cooperation itself will go smoother – said Tomasz Zygmuntowicz, Member of the Management Board of Qumak S.A. responsible for Sales and Marketing.

This is already another large contract signed by Qumak in the public sector during the last period. In July 2017 the Company gained a three-year contract for providing hardware support to Komenda Główna Policji

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