Qumak will create military works simulator

trenazer robotow wojskowych Qumak Badania i RozwojQumak will build a simulator to train engineering military, which fully reflects real tactics activities on a modern battlefield, with particular inclusion of engineering tasks. Created system is one of the biggest investments of this sort in Europe. Performing of the project ordered by the Military Technical Academy will take place until the end of April 2015 and its value is over PLN 2.6 million net.

Within the scope of a signed contract Qumak will create a specialist laboratory of battlefield robots simulations based on advanced technology of Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3) by Bohemia Interactive Simulations. It will allow training of robots crews, conducting tactics experiments and testing in virtual space of new solutions and technologies.


– Modern battlefield is no longer only fighting vehicles or soldiers. Nowadays military uses remote control unmanned platforms, which provide support to a soldier. Building a laboratory will enable training of cadets who in future are going to use robots on a battlefield – said dr inż. Marian Łopatka, Manager of Laboratory of Engineering Machinery and Robotics, WAT. – Project is performed in cooperation with Qumak, apart from training of robots operators it will also enable fast virtual prototyping of new created in WAT engineering robots. This in result will allow shaping and verifying their functional features in a short time significantly accelerating a process of implementing robots to Polish Armed Forces – he added.


The scope of the contract covers delivering, assembling and start-up simulator working positions and implementing specialists software. It will enable cooperation of mechanical, armored and artillery units and engineering robots controlled in real time by a training manager. The software will be enriched by a 3D library of military vehicles used in NATO members and USA, as well as the former USSR and the Middle East. System can be integrated with already existing simulation systems eg. wheeled armored vehicles “ROSOMAK” simulator. Investment is aligned with a strategic modernization programe of Polish Armed Forces.


 – This is our next undertaking realized for the Military Technical Academy. Thanks to this we gain additional competences on a very prospective market. Ministry of National Defence within the scope of operational programe for simulators and trainers only in 2015 plans to spend at least PLN 500 million. VBS3 technology is used in a tactics simulation of NATO and the army of the United States, therefore new systems in Poland can be based on this particular standard – said Paweł Jaguś, President of Qumak S.A.


Simulator will be created within the scope of a consortium with Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Urządzeń Mechanicznych OBRUM. Qumak is a leader of this consortium. The project is funded by the Ministry of National Defence – Departament of Science and Higher Education.


 – Qumak has broad competences in introducing to the market innovative solutions, and this project is special for us – said Damian Król, Director of Research and Development in Qumak S.A. -During its realization we use experience gained while conducting another research and development project supported by funding – locomotive simulator. Currently we can commercialize research works in the area of a great development potential and a strategic meaning for Poland. Simultaneously we show that the strategy of our company for the years 2013-16 is consistently realized and the means invested by us and National Centre for Research and Development bring added benefits.


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