Shareholders of Qumak voted for issue of shares

In the Extraordinary General Meeting of Qumak S.A., which took place on 4 January 2018 there was adopted a resolution on increasing share capital by way of issue of shares. Thanks to this issue the Company intends to gain PLN 30 million.




By this resolution of the General Meeting, the Management Board of Qumak S.A. was authorized to conduct an issue of 30 million items of series M shares. The issue will be conducted in a private subscription waiving the pre-emptive right of shareholders.


– Effective and fast conducting of this issue is in this moment one of the main aims of the Company. This will allow us to recover own capitals and improve the realization abilities, as well as meet one of the conditions opening the way to execute joint plans related to Euvic Group – underlines Sławomir Połukord, President of the Management Board of Qumak S.A.



Skuteczne i szybkie przeprowadzenie emisji akcji to w tej chwili jeden z najważniejszych celów spółki.


According to the letter of intent signed in December 2017 with Euvic – one of significant shareholders of Qumak and simultaneously an only investor industry sector of the Company; farther development of a strategic co-operation of both companies is depending among others on increasing by Qumak share capital as a result of issuing shares.


– We would like that the merger with IT Works, described in a letter of intent, is only an introduction to a merger of Qumak with Euvic Group. Approval of EGM of conducting issuing series M shares is another evidence that our plan is received as optimal for the Company. We are convinced that in this case there is a huge field for developing synergy, and consolidation allows us to build a group which will have a very strong market position, wide team of unique specialists and an exceptional offer of products and services. We are on the best path to create one of the largest players on the Polish IT market – says Wojciech Wolny, President of Euvic. – At the same time we are ready to recapitalize Qumak taking part in issuing series M shares, if such a decision is made also by other shareholders. In Qumak the business is healthy, and its potential may be released thanks to a smart management and a high discipline in costs. As a member of supervisory board I see that the current management is on a good path – explains the President of Euvic.


– Decision of EGM opens a path to a fast execution of the back-to-business scenario, of which the management, employees of the Company as well as shareholders care. – adds Sławomir Połukord, President of Qumak S.A.

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