Qumak implements AWOS at eight military airports

Second Regional Logistics Base has selected a contractor performing the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS). Systems of meteorological services at military airports will be implemented by Qumak. This contract is worth PLN 14 million net.

Greater safety of aviation operations

system-awos-infrastruktura-lotnicza-qumakBasic scope of this order of the value of PLN 12.7 million net covers designing, delivery, installation and launching AWOS at 7 military airports as well as a central system of monitoring local AWOS, which will be located in the Hydrometeorological Service of the Polish Armed Forces in Warsaw (central server). Works will be conducted among others in Mińsk Mazowiecki and Malbork, air transport base in Powidz, and Unmanned aircrafts in Mirosławiec.


In addition, the order provides the possibility to realize AWOS, by an option clause, at the airport in Dęblin. This part of the order is of value of PLN 1.3 million net. In total the Company can modernize half from the 16 air force bases in Poland.

The realization of the order is planned for the period of 13 months. Warranties will be valid for 8 years.


– AWOS at military airports is most of all an investment of this sector in technology ensuring safety of take-offs and landings. With this aim in mind, our task is to create the necessary energy and telecom infrastructure as well as to install specialized sensors, servers, and terminals, needed to provide service at the air bases – says Wojciech Strusiński, Vice President for Sales in Qumak S.A.


How do AWOS systems work?

Automated Weather Observing Systems collect data from various points around the runways, such as: speed and direction of wind, temperature of air and ground, visibility along the runway, humidity, height of cloud ceiling. Such information is necessary to provide safe airplanes landings or take-offs even in difficult atmospheric conditions.


This won contract confirms a rich experience and a leader position of Qumak S.A. within the scope of implementing modern airport infrastructure. So far, Qumak had realized among others AWOS systems at 8 airports all around Poland, including in Gdańsk, Krakow, Katowice, and Wrocław.


AWOS systems and modern airport infrastructure:

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