Qumak implemented the IBM BlueGene/Q technology at the ICM UW

On 25 March this year, during a conference inaugurating the operation of Centrum Wielkoskalowego Modelowania i Przetwarzania Danych Biomedycznych of the University of Warsaw, there was officially presented a Nostromo system which uses the latest IBM BlueGene/Q technology. Nostromo is a high class computing environment that enables conducting, among others research for bio-medicine, creating multi-scalable simulations in bio-molecular modeling and neurobiology. Delivery, installation and launching of the system were conducted by the company Qumak.

ICM UW is the first in Poland computing center that has the IBM Blue Gene/Q system. This is the most energy saving supercomputer installed in Poland (result 2GFlos/Watt puts it simultaneously at the 9 place in the world by Green500.org ranking). Nostromo system is currently the biggest in the country computing system of unified processor architecture. It means that the biggest and the most demanding computing tasks can use the whole set of 16.384 computing cores and 16 TB of internal memory available in Nostromo. This technology is a milestone in development of solutions and architecture of computing systems of ex scale (trillion floating point calculations per second).


Due to uniqueness and complexity level of the solution, performing this project was a real challenge to specialists of Qumak. Installation of the system required, among others the use of a unique system of water cooling, which allowed delivering coolant of precisely adjusted parameters. Nostromo has also a big, in comparison with standard teleinformatics solutions, size and weight (over 2 tons). Installation has ended with conducting complicated acceptance tests required by the ICM, including launching a computing task on all processors of the system, which revealed the real computer performance of the delivered solution.


– Thanks to a very good, close cooperation of UW ICM IBM and Qumak’s specialists we managed to finish implementation of the Nostromo system within required by the ICM deadline, fully providing expected functionality of the solution, even exceeding certain efficiency assumptions of this system– says Wojciech Żurek, Project Manager of the implementation, an engineer of HPC technologies in Qumak. – Keeping in mind a scale of the CePT project, in particular computing complexity of tasks realized within the project, we are convinced that currently finished implementation will become a perfect confirmation of IBM/BlueGene/Q technological abilities and competences of our engineers in the scope of installation and launching of solutions of such sort– W. Żurek adds.

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