Qumak enters the second stage of 2013-2016 strategy

Grupa kapitalowa dzialajaca w obszarze nowych technologii QumakStar ITS and Skylar – are the two first companies in a capital group created by Qumak. Both companies will provide designing and engineering, as well as maintenance services respectively: on the market of intelligent transport systems and of aviation infrastructure. Establishing these companies is closely related to implementation of the next stage of the Company’s strategy for the years 2013-2016.

Qumak begins realization of the second stage of the strategy for the years 2013-2016. One of the main aims is to create a capital group, which includes companies representing various technological competences of the listed integrator. In the first stage of the strategy Qumak has acquired from the market the competences needed for developing the new technological areas.


Firstly, Star ITS was established – an entity, which will be responsible for acquiring and performing contracts within the scope of traffic engineering under the Intelligent Transportation Systems. Moreover, the scope of a business activity of the company Skylar will include designing, implementing and maintenance of navigation systems and weather radars; modernization and service of radiocommunication systems, service of landing strips, as well as military and public landing areas, and also assembly and service of baggage systems (BHS) and scanners (EDS). In the management of both of the entities there are experienced experts and managers.


– We want to be a platform for micro-entrepreneurs and highly qualified experts who, thanks to our strong market standing and sales force, will rapidly develop their departments under the structure of Qumak. After achieving the organizational maturity, they will be gaining operational independence in order to increase their efficiency, profitability and to build a strong market standing in their segments – explains Paweł Jaguś, the President of Qumak. – Simultaneously large and multidisciplinary realizations requiring appropriate financial position and integration activities will be handled by the parent company – Paweł Jaguś adds.


The Management Board announces that in the nearest future other “competence” companies will be established on similar grounds in order to expand the group. This in effect is to enable the Qumak Group to increase market penetration in the selected segments and, thanks to offering highly specialized services, increase the profitability of the whole organization. The next will be a company in the area of multimedia exhibitions. Its establishing is planned to take place in the turn of 2014 and 2015.

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