Qumak awarded by Bank monthly

Nagroda IT at Bank Qumak

Qumak S.A. achieved a first place in the ranking of IT enterprises in financial sector prepared by the Bank monthly. The company was also placed high, on the second place, in the ranking of development potential.

Results of the above categories enabled Qumak S.A. to achieve the sixth place in a general ranking, where there were also taken into account places in the following categories: operations efficiency and cooperation with a sector of cooperative banks. Ranking was prepared on the basis of data for 2013and the I half of 2014.


During preparation of the ranking of enterprises providing for the needs of a financial sector there were taken into account the following indicators: an absolute level of revenues, share in revenues of financial institutions or public institutions and number of clients from these segments. Place in the ranking of development potential was awarded on the basis of an absolute volume of sales, growth of their value, dynamics of expenses for research and development, and their relation to trade, and the number of offered products.

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