Current report no 63/2014 of 5 December 2014 – Entering into annex to substantial agreement

Management Board of Qumak S.A. informs that on 5 December 2014 the Company received an Annex no 2 to the agreement entered into on 29 August 2013 with the State Treasury – National Water Management Authority and the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute.


Subject of the Agreement is designing, constructing and implementing an IT guarding system from extraordinary threats for the country (ISOK) and providing warranty service for the period of 5 years after the implementation of this system. The Company informed about entering into this agreement by the current report no 46/2013 of 29 August 2013.


By the Annex no 2, dated as of 4 December 2014, there were changed deadlines for particular stages of the Agreement’s performance, and the last stage is to be finished on 30 June 2015 (originally in the Agreement this deadline was set to 31 December 2014).


Changes of deadlines were introduced for the reason that during the performing of the Agreement there appeared a necessity to adjust the Qumak’s project of the ISOK system to the new IT undertakings realized by the Ordering Party.


Other provisions of the Agreement remain unchanged.


Agreement meets criteria of substantial agreement for a fact its value exceeds 10% of the Qumak S.A. equity.


Legal ground:

RMF of 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information, § 5 (1)(3)