Current report no. 52/2013 of 15 October 2013 – Entering into an agreement substantial for the Company’s activity

Management Board of Qumak S.A. informs that on 14 October 2013 there was concluded an agreement with IT Projects Center (CPI).


Subject of the Agreement is determining conditions for granting and realization of orders concerning delivery of hardware with elements enabling its proper installation and use, as well as licenses for standard software, to increase efficiency of ePUAP system, its capacity, availability and security.


Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP) is a national electronic platform serving as means of communication between citizens and public administration units in a uniform standard way. Among services offered by ePUAP there is also a Confidential Profile, enabling submitting electronic letters effectively without the necessity to use an electronic signature.


This agreement is a framework agreement. Qumak is one out of four entities which, on the basis of proceedings, was qualified to carry out the above-mentioned tasks and to enter into the framework agreement.


On the ground of this Agreement the IT Projects Center can grant detailed orders to the total amount of 26,346,882.89 PLN gross within the period of its validity, but not longer than within the period of 36 months from the date of its signing, provided that the Framework agreement expires on 31 July 2014, in case when after this period realization of the ePUAP2 project is not prolonged and the ordering party will not have an authorization to execute the framework agreement. Amount provided in the Agreement is only an approximate amount and sets the top limit of liabilities that the ordering party may reach on the basis of this agreement. Detailed orders will be realized according to the needs of the ordering party. The ordering party shall set orders’ scope within a public detailed contract awarding procedure, inviting qualified contractors to submit their offers.


With regard to penalties, the agreement provides calculation of contractual penalties in case of withdrawal for reasons attributable to the contractor, amounting to 3% of gross value of the contract. Payment of contractual penalty does not preclude the right to claim compensation by the Ordering Party exceeding the amount of agreed contractual penalty. Contractual penalties concerning executory contract will be described in details in particular agreements.


Other conditions of the Agreement do not differ from market standards applied in contracts of such sort.


In case when achieved turnover due to this Agreement exceeds 10% of Qumak S.A. equity and at the same time the agreement meets criteria for substantial agreement the Company shall publish such information in a separate report.


Legal ground:

Art. 56 item 1 point 1 Public Offering Act – confidential information