Current report no. 49/2013 of 27 September 2013 – Order placed by the Company meeting criteria of substantial agreement

Management Board of Qumak S.A. informs that on 27 September 2013 the Company placed an order in Arrow ECS Sp. z o.o. Total value of orders placed in Arrow ECS Sp. z o.o. within the period of last 12 months exceeds the equivalent of 10% of the Company’s equity, what constitutes for considering them as substantial.


Order of the highest value from among placed in Arrow ECS Sp. z o.o. within the above period is the order of 27 September 2013 of value of 5,303,945.63 PLN net. Subject of the above mentioned order is purchase of hardware and services of Oracle for the needs of realized by the Company contracts, in particular ISOK project (Informatyczny System Osłony Kraju).


Other conditions on which subject of the order is realized do not differ from standards applied in transactions of such sort.


Legal ground:

RMF GPW §5 item 1 point 3