Exhibition in Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci open for visitors from 5 December 2015

The Regional Science-Technology Centre in Podzamcze Chęcińskie opens a new exhibition on 5 December (Saturday) with an aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle. The comprehensive project and the realization of a multimedia exhibition were performed by MAE Multimedia Art & Education, a subsidiary of Qumak S.A. and simultaneously a leader of the consortium, in cooperation with MUSEKO OÜ from Estonia.

Centrum Nauki da Vinci QumakThe Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci exhibition is directed to children as well as adults. This is one of the few places in Poland which use technologically advanced devices to promote a healthy lifestyle through play. The project covers an area of 1 400 sq. m., where every visitor can get to know how complex and demanding a human organism is.


Multimedia exhibition depicting human organism functioning

 – The exhibition that debuts soon in the Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci, in a unique way will bring the visitors closer to the way this incredible biological machine called human organism functions. The exhibition was arranged and designed in such a way, so as to provide knowledge on the construction of a human body in as accessible a manner as possible through experiments and experience. We cannot forget about our patron – the first multimedia exhibit which welcomes our visitors, allows them to create own figure of a Vitruvian Man, one of the most well-known works of Leonardo da Vinci – said Director of the Regional Science-Technology Centre in Podzamcze Chęcińskie, Mr. Michał Piast.


The exhibition presents main body functions that keep an organism in a biological balance – respiration, functioning of a cardiovascular system, reactions to stimulus, maintaining a vertical position, and nourishing. Fully interactive learning takes place through animations, applications and computer games (multimedia standpoints). The prepared exhibition is supplemented by two areas with surprising experiments (mechatronic standpoints), in which visitors can check their intellectual and physical condition. Investors have not forgotten also about the youngest visitors for which there is prepared a Playground closely related to the subject scope of the exhibition. All the texts accompanying the exhibition were prepared in Polish and English language and, as a result, it is available for visitors from abroad.


MAE Multimedia Art & Education – leader of the consortium – developed and performed a scenography of an exhibition room and the Playground. It was also responsible for designing, performing and launching of all multimedia exhibits, as well as exhibition announcements. MAE’s business partner designed and performed “hands-on” exhibits. The value of the whole contract is nearly PLN 4 million net. The works were performed in a record timeframe – 2.5 months.


Projects of MAE within the scope of interactive displays

 – Despite our extensive experience in performing multimedia displays, the exhibition in the Science Centre Leonardo da Vinci is the first that undertakes the subject of health. I am happy we could take part in this project improving pro-health awareness of the society. I am certain that thanks to the application of the most modern technologies, it will fulfill its educational role among younger and older visitors  said Przemysław Kruk, President of MAE Multimedia Art & Education.


Recently MAE operating within the frames of a capital group Qumak S.A. has performed a multimedia exhibition in the Museum of Warsaw’s Praga and the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk. Previously, MAE cooperated with the Silesian Risings Museum in Świętochłowice, for which there were created interactive fixed displays. The Company was also responsible for the realizations of displays in Park Edukacyjny in Zabrze and Park Rekreacji ZOOM Natury in Janów Lubelski.


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