Working in Qumak

We create career opportunities for IT professionals, developers, automation engineers and electronics engineers. We give everyone a chance to co-participate in the implementation of national-scale-innovative IT projects. We create environmentally friendly facilities, develop Intelligent Transportation Systems and support the development of aviation infrastructure.

We are continuously developing. We are looking for versatile, dynamic and open-minded people who share our passion and curiosity for technology.


Organisational Culture

We care a lot about the atmosphere and working conditions, and we attach great importance to both what we do and where we do it. Therefore, we consciously create a friendly working environment.


When selecting new team members, we check their competences and professionalism, and always look for people whose actions and values ​​will interact with our company culture. We are open, we don’t build communication barriers, and everyone in the office is on a first name basis. We respect diversity, individuality as well as diversity of views and beliefs.


Training & Development

For us development is a must. At each stage of employment we provide training tailored to the current needs of the employee and the organization. We put great emphasis on technical skills, improved in cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers of IT solutions and equipment. We also offer training in negotiation, trading skills, project management, communication, team building and stress management. The package also includes language training. We focus on individual development paths that give employees maximum efficiency and satisfaction.


Work placements & student internships

We are happy to welcome those who want to develop with us. Every year we invite about 30 people to participate in various work placements and internships related to information technology, automation and economy. Many students continue working with us by switching from placements to student internships. Those who suit our organization best are offered permanent jobs.