Praca w branzy IT i nowych technologii Qumak

Get to know us!


We are a Polish IT company with a high potential for growth and vast expertise. We have resources that allow implementation of high-tech IT projects of strategic importance for the country.


We create innovative technology solutions, which allow our employees to actively participate in the sustainable development of our business, society and the environment. We make sure that our customers’ satisfaction derives from a long-term relationship based on dialogue and trust, which allows us to provide services of the highest quality.


We want to cooperate with professionals and individuals interested in building a career based on knowledge, competence and the desire to improve their professional qualifications. Our values are: ​​fair work, integrity, trust and sensitivity to the needs of others are our standards of conduct. That is how we create a good working environment with a creative and relaxed atmosphere.


Our strengths

People are our greatest asset. We are a team of professionals. We are experts who like to work together. Our capital is built on our experienced staff, who collaborate with new people joining our team. At work we can fulfill our professional passions. Willingness to work hard, professional skill development and the search for satisfaction in the implementation of our tasks are our driving force.


We employ more than 1 000 people on different types of contracts and have more than 300 outsourced employees working with our customers every day.


We also care about sustainable development understood as balance and the right proportions between work and private life.