Biggest academic cloud computing is implemented

We completed an implementation of cloud computing for the Military University of Technology. This is the biggest project of this type in the country of the value exceeding PLN 16 million net, and constitutes one of the key elements of Centrum Studiów Zaawansowanych Inżynierii Systemów WAT. We performed the project in a consortium with Matic Sp. z o.o.

Wat chmura obliczeniowa QumakMore effective education thanks to cloud computing

Implemented cloud computing allows to lead classes in a more effective way and for the students to gain practical skills concerning among others operating expensive software used by commercial companies.


From now on, employees and students of WAT can build IT environments serving educational and academic purposes. Scientific staff can e.g. design an app for learning, which can be used by students later. There can be interactive classes that end with a test. Their results in real time will go to an evaluating professor, which will speed up a learning process.


Students from among others the Department of Cybernetics will be given a remote access to software used on the market by the biggest companies and corporations. What is more, the access will be possible from any place and any device as well as at any time, and the created system simultaneously supports up to 500 users of the cloud.


Scope of the implementation works

The tasks of Qumak included among others preparing the room to meet the requirements of a server room, as well as delivering a complete hardware and software platform for the needs of an academic cloud implemented by the consortium. At the first stage the server room was equipped with all the elements necessary to install hardware infrastructure, i.e. power supply, cooling, raised floor, and gas extinguishing. Then the specialists of the consortium implemented in the adapted room among others an IT network, servers, arrays, virtual server and desktop infrastructures (VDI), and a system of creating back-up copies.


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