Airport Automation

Rozwiazania dla lotnisk BHS ILS Systemy bezpieczenstwa QumakSystems of management of air operations

Solutions for aviation include airport infrastructure and systems of support and management of airport terminals.


cudzyslowWe performed works at the biggest airports in Poland, and a total value of the realized contracts exceeds PLN 350 million.


In the aviation infrastructure there is an area of technical support of airplanes during take offs and landings: lighting of airport runways and taxiways, power systems, tracking devices, airport traffic control towers, and a part designated for passenger service i.e. airport terminals.


Inside terminals there can be distinguished such technological solutions as passenger information systems (FIS/FIDS) or baggage systems (BHS).


Comprehensive performance of airfields for helicopters is included within the scope of aviation infrastructure.





Airport Automation oswietlenia nawigacyjne BHS AWOS ILS Qumak

We offer comprehensive implementation services within the aviation infrastructure.


We realize facilities for technical support of aircrafts, as well as elements for passengers, like information or baggage systems. We also offer a comprehensive performance of airfields for helicopters – starting with concept, design and construction to registration in the Civil Aviation Authority.


If there is such need, we help the investors with obtaining EU funds for performance of projects. Our activities cover: realizations, integrations, modernizations and services.


Within the most often realized systems modernization that we offer, there are the following:

  • systems of navigation lighting control within airports and runways,
  • construction of baggage systems BHS (Baggage Handling Systems),
  • construction of FIS/FIDS systems (Flight Information System),
  • construction of meteorological screen AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System),
  • systems of radio navigation (ILS/DME/DVOR),
  • systems of radio communication,
  • integrated security systems