XI conference Telecommunication and IT in railway

Zbigniew Cieślak, the Director for Railway Sector, made a presentation at the “XI konferencja Telekomunikacja i Informatyka na kolei” entitled “Qumak wjeżdża na kolej – symulator lokomotywy i nie tylko…”.

Presented aims and the use of a simulator – first project of such sort in Poland, co-funded by the National Centre for Research and Development, and performed by the consortium, leader of which is Qumak S.A. Created solution allows to reflect real conditions on the routes and railway tracks, and enable to simulate critical situations. Thanks to it Polish drivers will be able to acquire practical skills necessary to perform their profession, among others within the scope of driving fast passenger trains, such as Pendolino.


He presented also solutions of the company directed to the railway sector. He spoke among others on: information systems for passengers, asset management systems, integrated systems of security, and advanced systems of customer service.


Goal of the „XI konferencja Telekomunikacja i Informatyka na kolei” was to shed light on IT and telecommunication news for the railway sector, and to take part in a discussion there were invited Companies of the PKP Group taking care of cargo and passenger transportation, local-government railways, and other carriers. Spokespersons discussed such topics as: management systems in railway transportation, cloud computing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, steering in transportation systems, or vehicles traffic monitoring systems.


Qumak S.A. was a Bronze Partner of the conference.

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