V Forum Health Care

Robert Siwik, Director for Aviation Infrastructure, and Marcin Pudełko, Sales Director in Aviation Infrastructure Department, presented options and possibilities to perform investment processes related to construction of obligatory airfields for helicopters at Hospitals’ Emergency Units.

During the presentation representatives of Qumak spoke on stages of constructing an airfield – from acquiring a plot of land/area to build airfields, through designing a construction plan and obtaining appropriate permits for construction and registration of facility in the Civil Aviation Authority.


Presentation was directed to directors of hospitals and administrative and technical divisions.


Topics of presentations at V Forum of Health Care depicted three areas: challenges for directors of hospitals and administrative and technical divisions; patients’ rights, marketing and optimization of costs and application of modern technologies in health care.


Forum is dedicated to directors of hospitals, owners of private Medical Centers, persons from Administrative and Technical Divisions, Rehabilitation Institutions, Care and Curative Institutions, IT departments, and persons responsible for quality in Health Care.


Qumak S.A. was a partner of the forum.

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