Smart City Forum

Transport, ecology of energy, construction, new ways of communication with citizens – these and many other matters related to the improvement of life comfort in a city were a subject of discussion during the Smart City Forum. Representatives of the Qumak Capital Group took an active part in it.

About modern transport and Traffic Management Systems at the Smart City Forum

Panel dyskusyjny Transport podczas Smart City Forum 2016 (fot. MMC)

Martyna Abendrot, Vice President of STAR ITS – subsidiary of the Qumak Capital Group took part in the panel dedicated to transportation. During this thematic session there were most of all underlined solutions concerning the intelligent traffic management, growing importance of public transport, and experiences gained from the completed projects.


– Communication with citizens is one of the elements which should be noted in particular. Inconvenience related to rebuilding of intersections or installing lights, in the moment of lack of information, may cause many troubles to citizens in their daily travel – said M. Abendrot. – When implementing the Traffic Management System in Lublin we co-operated closely with the city’s authorities, thanks to this the citizens had been informed on an ongoing basis about places where construction works were carried out as well as recommended detour that helped in avoiding the nuisance.


Implementation and development of Smart City projects

In the second part of the panel there was a discussion about the development of cities in the context of next stages of social participation and co-operation in implementing new technologies serving the improvement of life comfort in a city. Ending the discussion a chairman of the panel – Vice President of the City of Wrocław asked guests in which way the Contractors can help in solving problems arising in cities. M. Abendrot pointed to performing a necessary needs analysis and reasonable planning of investments in terms of time as well as financial means.


On the one hand, the cities’ authorities face similar problems to solve. On the other hand, an individual approach to every organism of a city should be kept in mind. Copying solutions applied in other centers, which do not solve problems of “my” city, ends with a lack of realization of basic aims and a bad opinion about solutions of a “smart” type among the citizens. Therefore feasible solutions adjusted to the needs of a city and not gadgets should be selected” – M. Abendrot commented.


Main aim of the 3rd edition of the Smart City Forum was sharing experience in the area of “intelligent cities” solutions.

Representatives of business, central and local self-government administration environments took part in the discussion.

Qumak was a Partner of this year’s edition of the Smart City Forum.

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