Qumak at the biggest transport fair in the world

Nearly 3 thousand of exhibitors from 55 countries and 140 thousand of visitors – in September at the biggest fair of rail transport in the world Innotrans 2016, Qumak presented the first in the world mobile locomotive simulator SIMTRAQ.

Stanowisko instruktora w mobilnym symulatorze lokomotywy SITMRAQ
We designed a fully realistic 3D environment, able to recreate every railway route in the world. We took into consideration various factors that have an influence on driving a rail vehicle and we gave a possibility to introduce them during training. Thanks to this, prospect drivers learn correct reactions to emergency events taking place during driving. Simulator will help rail carriers in professional training of staff and in a long-term perspective will ensure financial savings deriving from training of different occupational groups on one device.


Mobile simulation center

The version of a simulator presented at the fair was the most expanded one in the offer provided by the Warsaw Company.


This is a real mobile simulation center. In a container designed especially for the purposes of the simulator, there is a moving training position accurately representing an interior of a real locomotive as well as an instructor position and a conference room. All rooms were designed in a way to provide a maximum comfort for instructors and trained persons.


Locomotive simulator – for whom?

Locomotive simulator SIMTRAQ is dedicated to rail carriers, enterprises leading trainings of train drivers and railway schools. This solution can be used by companies that develop their rolling stock and need trainings for their staff.


More information on the locomotive simulator SIMTRAQ:  http://www.simtraq.qumak.pl/en/


Innotrans – the biggest transport fair in the world

Innotrans is the world’s biggest fair dedicated to rail transport. This is an international place of contacts for governmental decision-makers and managing directors of enterprises in the area of rail transport. Future of technologies, current trends and development perspectives are subjects discussed by top level decision-makers from the world of economy, politics and transport sector.


Unique feature of the Innotrans fair is a broad exhibition of machines related to rail transport. Participants have an opportunity to see various models of motor trains, locomotives, trams, as well as freight vehicles and simulators.

More information on the fair: http://www.innotrans.de/en/


Simtraq rail vehicle simulator Qumak




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