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Cyberattack on power plants in Ukraine and theft of data from the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are cases which prove that a cyberspace is the new area of conflicts. In order to provide its security there are implemented comprehensive systems covering IT and telecom structure.

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We all live in a cyberspace. It is a cyberspace that ensures smooth functioning of a country and economy, and every dysfunction of this area leads to serious consequences. Theft of data from OPM, in which 25 million personal questionnaires had leaked or last year’s attack on power plants in Ukraine – which had caused downtimes in power supply – these are only two out of many examples indicating how serious the threats are.



Last year’s attack on power plants in Ukraine had caused downtimes in power supply – and this is only one example indicating how serious the threats are



In order to avoid them, a topic of protection of a national cyberspace should be approached comprehensively, because in this area every element is important and a quality of the whole solution is determined by its weakest point. Qumak delivers solutions which raise the level of security of the country. They cover devices and protection of specific resources or actions as well as an analytical layer.


In order for the implementation to do its task, it should derive from a security policy of the whole organism. Important elements of a comprehensive security are: analysis of held resources (inventory), analysis and risk management (including the systems Governance, Risk Management and Compliance). They should be a starting point to the decision what, why and how we protect. Safety audits and tests of ICT structure resistance to attacks are also important.


Data security an important element of protection from cyberattacks

Areas which we analyze in detail with clients within the scope of an implementation of a security system include: data transmission security, network segmentation, protection of points of contact with external networks, as well as data and electronic mail protection, terminal equipment, protection from information leakage, from internal threats, or examination of vulnerability of ICT structure to attacks.


We specialize in two particularly important areas of security. First is management of identity and authorizations related to an access to IT infrastructure. Second area covers detection of an attack and its identification.


Big Data analysis helps in fast detection of an attack

In a typical institution an attack is detected statistically after 225 days. Knowledge enriched by systems of gathering and correlation of information on events in a network (SIEM), may occur to be far from sufficient for large ICT structures. Therefore it is important to provide access to powerful automatic analytical systems (using e.g. behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, correlation of a criminal nature, etc.), which may occur indispensable for guaranteeing security at the national level.


Ensuring security is a team work. Every strategy that was recently proposed and adopted in many countries assumes co-operation between various institutions and companies as well as an exchange of information about threats and attacks. In such a team work, as a company with many years of experience in implementations within the scope of security systems, we are a solid and reliable partner.


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