Smart solutions not only in large agglomerations – our summary of the 7th Forum of Mazovian Development

During the 7th Forum of Mazovian Development – the most important conference concerning the region’s development – we have been discussing with the representatives of public institutions and businesses the co-operation between cities in the area of Smart City, as well as solutions that are environment-friendly and improve the quality of life of citizens.

In this year’s edition the organizers provided three areas: Smart City, Smart Business and Smart People, within which several dozens of debates, lectures, and workshops took place. The forum, in which over 100 experts and executives from commercial market and public institutions take part, is dedicated to promote EU funds, serves as a platform to exchange experience, and provokes discussions on how to improve innovation and enterprise in voivodships. Representatives of Qumak and Star ITS have been discussing most of all the effective co-operation between the business and representatives of regional authorities.

Co-operation with smaller cities during the performance of Smart City projects

An important topic discussed during the 7th Forum of Mazovian Development was a co-operation between the business, local self-government and citizens within the frames of Smart City projects. During the discussion in which Jacek Suchenek took part, Vice President of the Management Board for Realizations in Qumak SA, there were mentioned issues concerning the projects going beyond large urban agglomerations.


In the projects enhancing the quality of life in the regions Qumak together with its subsidiary Star ITS co-operates not only with large centers such as Tricity, in which they had implemented one of the biggest in Europe Intelligent Transportation System TRISTAR; or Lublin, in which at a record time they had realized Traffic Management System. The Company is open for co-operation also with smaller centers in which there can be realized pioneer and effective projects. An example of such a fruitful co-operation is the city of Płock.


Thanks to a good co-operation with the public sector Qumak had launched in Płock a modern Services Centre which will provide outsourcing of IT processes for clients of the Warsaw Company.


Active co-operation of public sector with a commercial sector

– During the co-operation with the city of Płock, the government bodies had shown openness, engagement and understanding of business needs. Thanks to this, we realized smoothly all formal matters necessary in order to provide outsourcing services – says Jacek Suchenek, Vice President of the Management Board of Qumak S.A. – Representatives of the Płock authorities actively participated also in negotiations concerning the co-operation with local contractors. From this co-operation benefits an external company because it gains verified contractors on good conditions as well as the local business because it gains new orders – adds Suchenek.


Transferring part of a business to smaller cities also creates a chance to optimize costs. It is obvious that in large agglomerations costs of operations are higher, therefore, companies move selected services to smaller centers.


Effective model of Public-Private Partnership in co-operation with cities

During the discussion there was also mentioned a topic of co-operation between a commercial sector and a public sector in a Public-Private Partnership model (PPP). This is an innovative form of investments bringing benefits to both parties, and its biggest advantage goes to the citizens. Close co-operation of private companies and public institutions allows undertaking useful investments which – if it was not for such co-operation – would never go beyond a design phase.


The investments realized in the PPP model are usually much more effective because they are treated as an effects-oriented market project. In accordance with the calculations of experts, this model allows to reach savings of 17% when compared to a traditional model of investments. Such form of co-operation also has an influence on the mitigation of risk, because every partner is responsible for these aspects in the management of which he is more experienced. For example, administration is not responsible for these areas of an undertaking in which it does not feel competent enough.


Effective Smart City solutions realized in co-operation with cities:

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