2014 Polish Chemistry Congress

During their presentation, the speakers representing Qumak S.A. talked about the opportunities to be seized by using modern analytical tools in large companies and supported their theoretical considerations with an exemplary application executed for Grupa Azoty from the chemical sector.

Systemy IT w branzy chemicznej QumakFor that client, Qumak has implemented two systems: ITSM used (among other things) for managing extensive and varied company property and IBM Cognos, a Business Intelligence system. Those solutions have been integrated with the existing systems within the IT infrastructure to currently ensure a coherent centrally managed environment for supporting processes related to such areas as servicing machinery resources (check-up and repair budgeting) and analysing data generated across company departments.


The speakers emphasised the value of Qumak’s competence; thanks to being active in many technological fields, the company is able to carry out projects which require expert knowledge from various complementary domains in a comprehensive manner and with due attention to detail.


The thematic scope of the Polish Chemistry Congress included such subjects as the importance of the Polish chemical industry for the EU economy, the logistics of chemical products or development-stimulating investment in the Polish chemical sector.


The event was organised by the Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry (PIPC). A PIPC member since 2013, Qumak was Technological Partner at the Congress.


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