Who We Are

We create solutions that facilitate the work, boost the development of enterprises, enhance the comfort of life


For 30 years we have been creating the projects of the futureQumak - lider integracji IT - projekty IT i infrastrukturalne

For 30 years we have been helping our clients in developing projects within the scope of new technologies. We co-operate with 80 companies that are on the list of 100 biggest enterprises in the country, and our partners include over 50 global leaders on the IT market. Gained experience allows us at present to participate in the creation of modern, often pioneer projects.


We work on implementing technologies that are significant for the development of modern businesses as well as important to every citizen. Our projects cover with their reach entire cities, regions, and countries. We provide for a comfortable and safe environment of work and life by developing technologies which help with a better use of the richness of a modern world.



We combine infrastructural competencies with IT skills

Laczenie kompetencji IT i infrastrukturalnych - QumakWe have teams specializing in the area of infrastructure as well as IT, which co-operate with each other in an excellent way. This is a potential ensuring an effective performance of even the boldest projects.


We have built specialist competence centers in twelve business areas, where our specialists share knowledge and design solutions that are best adjusted to the business and client needs. Basing on our experience in various areas we help our clients in working out the best solution. It is our client’s satisfaction that proves our success.






We are a team of specialists with passion for new technologiesPraca w IT - Qumak - zgrany zespol specjalistow

We are passionate about new technologies, by sharing knowledge and supplementing it with competencies we perform the biggest projects in the country.


Our programmers develop systems that guard the security of companies and the country. Our engineers realize interiors of the most modern multimedia science centers, design Data Center facilities, ensure the passengers of airlines safe and comfortable travels.


They would not have done it individually. They work in a good team which creates projects requiring not only various competencies, but also the passion for realization.



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