We celebrate 30-years of our activity on polish market




Time of restructuring and implementing new business strategy

We select twelve business areas and we undertake performing new long-term projects. We face market requirements by offering extensive expert knowledge acquired during realization of one of the biggest teleinformatics implementations in the country and nearly thirty years of experience.


We strengthen our image – adjust to modern standards: introduce a shorter name – Qumak S.A. – and new logo. We work on coherent Web Strategy and greater visibility of the company’s operations in traditional media.



We are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange


After some years – despite a global financial crisis – the press introduces us as one of the most stable companies in the country investing in which is safe.



Sekom S.A. and Qumak International Sp. z o.o. merge and create one of the strongest IT companies in Poland


Established Qumak-Sekom S.A. has headquarters in Warsaw, big branch in Krakow, and offices in Bielsko Biała, Gdańsk, Radom and Poznań.


Under this name, using rich experience from various environments, we perform projects for leading companies in the domestic market.Cooperating with the world technological leaders we deliver and integrate tested teleinformatics solutions and at the same time we improve the quality of national services that base on IT systems.


During execution of large implementations we acquire new competences, we train specialists, so that in the future we could perform one of the most innovative projects in the country.



As a result of arrangements made between Sekom S.A. and Qumak International Sp. z o.o. there is created Grupa Sekom


It is also joined by two smaller companies Blue-Bridge Sp. z o.o. and Gandalf Polska Sp z o.o.


Thanks to mergers, Grupa Sekom becomes an IT integrator of a very broad offer. Its scope includes among others security systems, video-conference systems, building automation systems, or programs supporting management of enterprises.



Company PHP Qumak Sp. z o.o. begins its operation


In 1991 – after few months of negotiations with the Polish-American Enterprise Fund – will be incorporated as a joint-venture Qumak International Sp. z o.o.


Sekom and PHP Qumak operate independently, build up experience, so that in the future they could implement one of the biggest projects in the country in the area of IT and modern technologies.



Company Wyrób i Naprawa Urządzeń Elektronicznych is set up, which from 1990 works under the name Sekom


Seven years later it is established as Sekom S.A. In the 1990s it will enter the market thanks to acquired very interesting IT contracts in the railway sector.