Project AirSimHandling


QUMAK S.A. performs a project co-funded from the European Funds
Project’s name: Innovative, mobile simulator for training of operators of aircraft ground handling


Contract No.: POIR.04.01.04-00-0059/16-00
Value of the project: 6 692 400,00 PLN
Funds provided: 3 503 565,00 PLN


Aim of the project is developing and executing a prototype of a mobile simulator of processes of aircraft ground handling with the use of a simulation of GSE (ground support equipment), which enables applying an innovative method of training coordination of employees working together at aircraft ground handling as well as trainings within the scope of unexpected situations which may occur during handling operations.


Simulator with VR technology

handling1Design of a mobile simulator for operators of aircraft ground handling assumes developing equipment based on a Virtual Reality technology, which will help not only in trainings, but also will support the process of initial assessment of skills of candidates for the job in this profession. In practice, this equipment will allow to reduce mistakes made during ground handling service of planes, e.g. during passenger service, loading baggage, or supplementing fuel and lubricants. Main task of a simulator is recreating conditions that exist during a control of vehicles of ground handling, which in future will result in reducing the number of collisions on the airport’s tarmac.


Handling simulator is first equipment in the world with the purpose of preparing for trainings in such a broad scope and the first mobile equipment of this type, equipped with a transport platform. This project is a response to the needs of e.g. handling operators, which lead trainings of employees of aircraft ground handling.


Apart from actual training procedures for a particular airport, specialists will develop also an analytical module enabling determination of candidates’ capabilities in terms of a job in difficult conditions, as well as assessing their psychometric features, i.e. for instance, visual and movement coordination, assessment of distance or movement coordination. This simulator will also allow exercising these activities, the training of which in the airport everyday conditions is too unsafe.