Sustainable development

Politics of sustainable growth supports and supplements the realization of our business strategy. Key role is a growing trust to the brand, its better recognition and building an authority position in key technological areas of the company. We are responsible for the development of employees, business of our clients, development of modern technologies, and protection of our natural environment.


We realize an idea of green IT

We promote ecological values inside and outside of our organization. A project of eco-office in our headquarters, eco-education for employees, recycling of wastes, or saving water, these are only some of the forms of realizing pro-ecological ideas.


An important element is also building a project concerning a system within the scope of managing environmental losses through a program of redistribution of IT devices.



We create an inspiring work environment

Employees are our key capital. We employ over 700 persons. All forms of activism and engagement, including charity, fulfill the function of integration and cementing of organizational culture as well as values of the company. Our aim is building a culture based on trust and responsibility for entrusted tasks.


  • Employee development

We do our best in order to make our employees feel appreciated in their daily work. We build a sense of community and joint responsibility for the realization of aims i.e. through the system of internal communication. We ensure trainings and workshops necessary for the development of our employees.

  • Safe and comfortable workplace

We care for our employees and feel responsible for their future. We create a friendly and safe workplace meeting norms set by the Polish regulations. We care for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

  • Dialogue culture

We develop our organizational culture on the basis of common values. We express a dialogue culture e.g. by a constant improvement of communication and by providing all our employees with information concerning our company. Key news goes to our employees via e-mail and in the form of current activities published on our main website.